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About Southend Murray Grey Stud

The Southend Murray Grey Bull Sale will be held on-property which is situated on the outskirts of Katanning, the regional centre of the Central Great Southern Agricultural region. With its Mediterranean style climate of hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters it is the ideal area to breed quality Murray Grey cattle.
Southend was founded by Max and Margaret Wise in 1994 although they have been breeding cattle for over 45 years. After years as stud Poll Hereford breeders in the 1960’s the couple changed out of cattle and into stud Merino breeding.
However they could not stay away from cattle so they purchased a coastal property to run a commercial cattle herd. This was the couple’s first introduction to Murray Grey cattle and they felt that their terrific performance, easy calving and quiet temperament would make them ideal to breed.

Foundation Sire

This sparked a desire to breed Murray Grey bulls for other commercial cattlemen so in 1994 they purchased a selection of stud Murray Grey females from the Wee-Gun dispersal sale. This purchase included “Willalooka Heidi” who was purchased with bull calf at foot; “Wee-Gun Rambo MKF R821”.
This bull became the Southend Stud’s foundation sire and he has left a lasting mark on its herd.
In 1994 there was 19 active females on the stud’s inventory. Southend is now breeding superior, quality stud Murray Grey’s with a herd of between 110-120 pure silver breeding females.
Annual production is now between 30 to 40 stud bulls and 20 females including cows/calf units and heifers.
The stud normally holds it’s annual on-property sale in Katanning during February each year and, this year, it will be on Tuesday, February 10.
The stud has solid sale results every year with clientele returning each year.

Milestone Moments

Southend has had many milestone moments through the years with many show successes.
These include Supreme Champion Murray Grey 2003 with a cow/calf unit, Grand Champion Murray Grey Female at the Perth Royal Show in 2004, Reserve Champion Murray Grey Bull at the Perth Royal 2005, and all breeds bull at Wagin Woolorama 2003.
The highlight of the stud’s success was during the auction of the elite stud WA females, where Southend “Z-Urban Jewel” was sold for the record price for an unmated heifer of $13,500.
This was followed by a record price at the annual production sale in 2006, where Southend Zulu sold for the Southend Stud record of $10,750.

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Change of leadership

Today, Southend Murray Grey Stud is under the control of Max and Margaret Wise’s grandson Kurt who currently has around 110-130 purebred Murray Grey Female on his active inventory.

Ensuring quality

Every animal carries a 100 percent Murray Grey status as the Stud has no Angus infusion in its cattle.
The Stud prides itself in producing well-muscled, structurally correct bulls, with great growth for age.
It maintains a type of cattle with evenness being a major factor in the successful breeding of Southend stock.
They have smooth silver coats with soft fleshing ideal for the commercial market.
Southend has strict guidelines in ensuring that the main attributes of a Murray Grey are maintained.
This includes paying particular attention to low birth weight, high growth cattle.
The Stud is extensively researching within its own herd with particular use of measurements and weights.
As yearlings, the pin settings on the yearling females are measured to ensure they reach the stud’s minimum width.
When born each calf is weighed by Kurt and the head is measured across the widest part and is recorded in his “Stud Day book”.
This gives a better idea of which sires and dams are producing what size calves.
These measurements are then correlated with the weaning weight, the mid-year weight, and mature weights to aid in improving the breeding herd and to give the buyers more facts come sale day.
Southend Murray Grey Stud is part of ‘breedplan’ although not much emphasis is put on using the information it provides.
Kurt is a firm believer in breeding cattle with a focus on the outlook of the animal, and the actual data it collects on each animal, to get the optimum results for its clients.
He has had fantastic feedback from his clients on how useful its methods are as well as having the breedplan available for those who wish to use it.

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